Aholsniffsglue's "Pink Show" To Fight Breast Cancer: "This Is Dedicated To My Mom"

Pink eyeballs, fight cancer with fresh pink eyeballs, get em' while they're hot.

Miami's own Aholsniffsglue is raising money to fight the evil disease that took his mom's life, and you can help. Visit Wynwood's Gregg Shienbaum Gallery and purchase a special October pink edition of David Anasagasti's (AKA Ahol) signature motif, and all money will be donated to charity.

Gregg Shienbaum's wife also lost her mother to breast cancer, and that is why he is so committed to the show. The show, which is the gallery's main feature for this month's art walk, opens from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight and runs throughout October.

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"I've been running around like crazy with this thing. I've literally banged out 35 canvases back to back so far, each one with a different design and combination of pinks."

Ahol is currently hard at work completing the pieces for the show. "What makes it fun is the labor intensiveness of it and coming up with different combinations using the same puzzle pieces," he says.

The cause of the charity is one that hits close to home. "I lost my mom to breast cancer. And Gregg's wife lost her mom to breast cancer. So we're doing it for a good local cause, and donating all the money raised to them."

All moneys raised by the sale of the works will be donated directly to the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute at the UM Comprehensive Sylvester Cancer Center. "Losing my mom, honestly, made me realize how real life was," the artist says. "I think anybody who goes through that sees life differently, and sees how real it is."

"We're donating to the Sylvester Cancer Treatment Center. I saw it was University of Miami so I knew it was legit. The Braman family is legit in Miami. They do a lot of shit."

The show is dedicated to Ahol's mother, Martha C. Garcia, and Marsha Serfer, Jennifer Shienbaum's mom.

"This show came about because my wife's mother passed away of breast cancer and for the longest time I wanted to do something to fight it in honor of her memory," Gregg Shienbaum told New Times. "I told Ahol about it, and how Jen's mom passed from the disease, and he revealed that his mother passed away from breast cancer, too, so it has a special double meaning."

The two transformed the back of the gallery into a pink showcase, with all profits from the pink paintings going to fund cancer research.

"It's all in honor of the people who passed away and lost the fight, but also to help those living with stand by them and fight with them so that hopefully they can one day find a cure," Shienbaum says.

Jennifer's brother, chef Danny Serfer of Blue Collar and Mignonette, is also donating in conjunction with the show, with sales from certain foods his mom used to cook at home going to the cause.

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