Aholsniffsglue's "Hit & Run" Fundraiser Crashes Into Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art

Earlier: Aholsniffsglue was run down by a hit and run driver on Biscayne Boulevard and left for dead.

With his leg muscle shredded, his scooter crushed, and medical bills mounting, Gregg Shienbaum stepped up and offered Miami artist Aholsniffsglue a solo show, with all proceeds benefiting the thousands of dollars in debt in hospital bills he's accrued.

Taking place Thursday, August 9, in Wynwood, the show, titled "Hit & Run," proves the arts may take a beating, but they come out stronger in the end.

We caught up with Ahol to find out what he's been up to and check out some of the work. Here's what he had to say.

New Times: How's your injuries looking, dude?

Aholsniffsglue: I have a hematoma. The muscle of my inner thigh was sliced in half and it's regenerating slowly. There's like a pool of blood in there and it takes a while for that shit to get cured. It looks pretty gross.

How's it been since the crash?
I've been having to rely on people to help me out, but now it's crunch time. Life doesn't stop. It keeps on going. That's why the show is mad important. Being creative and producing work and stuff, whether

you have access to the tools or free time, you're gonna create regardless, so that's what I've been doing. Even going through an accident, it's weird. But it's a great opportunity that happened coming from getting hit by a car, so it's pretty strange.

Shit coulda been way worse though, right?
I think about how free and easy everything was before. Not necessarily that I took things for granted, because I give thanks everyday, but it's so strange how it can be taken from one second to the next. This opportunity is like giving me a chance to do what I wanna do, so I'm gonna take it as big as I can.

What's up with catching the lady who hit you?
I actually can't talk about it for legal reasons.

You're basically stuck at your house -- it's hard to walk, and you have no transport right?

Dude, the way I see it, I got off really easy. I might not be able to go out and hit the streets or party like I used to, but at least my job was very willing to work with me, so I can work from home while I recover and all that shit. So I'm mad thankful for that, at least.

What keeps you motivated?
Thank God I got art and shit to keep me thinking forward mentally. If I didn't have that shit in my mind, I don't know, I'd just be laying around.

"Also, a big shout out to Jorge Hulian, from Art Dealer Miami, and Fine Art Framing, for coming by to help out with framing since I can't get to where he is."

Aholsniffsglue "Hit N Run" opening, Thursday, August 9th at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art in Wynwood. 2239 NW Second Ave. 7p.m. With Metro Zu doing a DJ set at the opening and also working on a collaborative projection.

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