Adam Sandler May Film Valet Guys in Miami This January

Who's ready for another I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry? Kevin James (who played Larry) has written a comedic script about Miami guys in their 40s who work as valet, and he's trying to get Adam Sandler to sign on for the project.

As Chuck & Larry managed to be homophobic, sexist, racist, xenophobic and insulting towards firemen, homeless people, chinchillas, and postmen, we don't have high hopes for the film. We imagine Valet Guys will mock the men who park rich people's cars for less than minimum wage.

And we don't think it's Miami's many hotels and valet crews that inspired the film. As Valet Guys may star shooting in January, we think James just wanted to spend his winter some place warm and pretty.

As he described Valet Guys to USA Today, "We're two guys in our 40s

valeting in Miami. We just get dumped on by a lot of people. A guy dumps

on us too much and we take his car out for a ride. It creates a whole

crazy weekend," says James, adding that Sandler isn't officially

on-board yet.

More interesting, though, is that wherever Sandler shoots, he sets up a

pop-up school for his children called Happy Madison School. Think of the

joy of a playroom plopped down in the posh hotels where celebrities stay. Granted, it's still early, but it's safe to say that we'd rather go to Happy Madison School then

to Valet Guys.

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