A Very Miami Halloween: Seven Costumes Inspired by Miami TV and Movies

With Halloween just around the corner, we know that it's hard to decide on just one awesome costume. But for those of you who haven't spent weeks or months planning an epic Halloween costume, and just want something you can put together quickly, we've got you covered. These costume ideas are from favorite television shows or movies filmed or set here in Miami -- and you can pull them off with either with one trip to the Salvation Army thrift store, or simply rummaging through your closet.

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7. Daniel Lugo, Pain & Gain

This is an easy one - pretty much all you'll need is a muscle tank (preferably white) and some mesh sweat pants or shorts (preferably with a solid line going down the sides). A little fake blood and fake coke dust completes the look. Remember that you're a personal trainer turned thief turned murderer, so try to stay in character (preferably without stealing anything or killing anyone).

6. Adriana De Moura, Real Housewives of Miami

You can pretty much pick any of the women on The Real Housewives of Miami to dress up as, just so long as you channel your inner gaudy goddess. It's important to think over the top and flashy - whatever amount of makeup you normally wear, double it, maybe even triple it to be safe. Show some cleavage, some legs, and don't forget heels! No housewife would dare leave the house in flats. This "costume" (we use air quotes since these are technically real women) works best if you are the opposite of a Real Miami housewife. You don't want people thinking you forgot to dress up and look that way everyday.

5. Ike Evans, Magic City

Ike is one classy stud. Though his iconic look is an outfit you would've worn to a wedding or prom in the '60s, if you are going to a fancy Halloween soirée, it's sort of perfect. Plus, for those of you who still fit into your prom tux (or even still own it) it's a perfect excuse to dust it off and pair it with a bowtie.

4. Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia, The Golden Girls

People often forget that aside from being synonymous with partying, Miami is also popular as a retirement destination. These four cheeky friends lived together in a Miami and even at their mature ages, still managed to have a fabulous time. You might need to scour a thrift shop (with $20 in your pocket) to find clothes that your grandmother would wear - or you can also check your grandma's closet if that's more convenient. Think pastel colors, big shoulder pads, loose fitting pantsuits, and big, chunky jewelry. This ensemble works best in a group of four besties.

3. Sam Axe, Burn Notice

It's sleek spy meets tacky tourist. Every year plenty of people throw on a Hawaiian floral shirt and one of those obnoxious straw hats and call themselves "tourists," but this year, why not spice it up and tone it down. Trade in the khaki shorts for a pair of chinos and dress shoes to match the wild shirt - and even grab a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. Your costume has just gone from tacky to geeky chic, and now you have a cool conversation piece - "Oh, I'm just a retired spy enjoying my time in Miami." Another variation on the Hawaiian shirt combo is styling your hair with an outrageous cowlick and wearing the floral shirt open with a white t-shirt underneath, and voilà, you're Ace Venture: Pet Detective.

2. James "Sonny" Crockett, Miami Vice

You can't go wrong with a classic 1980s style detective get-up. It's two costumes in one: a retro 1980s look, and a tribute to a television legend. Sonny dressed for sunny Miami weather, so white slacks and a white blazer pull the outfit together, but the cornerstone is the pink pastel t-shirt. Note: pink shirt can be swapped for a blue pastel, or any pastel colored t-shirt. And extra bonus points for you if you manage to find white loafers.

1. Dexter Morgan, Dexter

It has only been a few short weeks since the lackluster Dexter series finale, but what better way to commemorate our favorite villain than by reliving his glory days? You know, the days where he actually killed bad people. Dexter's kill outfit remains iconic and unchanged after all the seasons, and the best part is, it's easy to put together yourself. If you want to stay true to the character, the shirt used on the show is actually a thermal shirt from American Apparel. Pair the army green top with some dark brown cargo pants, khaki boots, and slap on some black leather gloves and you're ready to hunt down your human prey. For that extra effect, it might be cool to carry a rubber knife or fake syringe, Dexter's Miami Metro ID card, or even some plastic wrap for your kill room.

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