A Miami Girl At New York Fashion Week, Day 3: The '90s Called...

It's official: Fashion Week is in full swing and it's everything I ever expected it to be. Everywhere you turn, it's clothes, accessories, hungry models, obnoxious editors, celebs, hot foreigners, etc.

But there is some bad news. If you weren't a fan of the styles of the '90s, you wont be enjoying this fall's fashion. And we don't mean baby tees and paisley. Think Kurt Cobain meets Mary Janes meets heroin (again).

Goth is Good: Fall fashion is always a little dark. But if what's coming down the runway this week is what will be on the racks in the next six months, autumn fashion's going to be a blackout, folks. I am talking black, grey and any love child those very dark colors that come in between.

Here's my question: How the hell am I supposed to rock this in November when it's 80 degrees outside in Miami? Don't they think of us when they're designing? Geez, rude.

Knocking Boots: Be warned: Boots are back. But not above the knee/hooker boots. (So y'all can quit it with those already.) These boots:

Yes, we are seeing updated Doc Martins everywhere. From the luxe designer to the low-key up-and-comer; Daria meets Military is on its way. Get ready for your feet to stink; those things are not going to handle the heat well.

We Do Have Hope: Just when I was about to give up on the fashion industry giving me anything colorful, I bumped into designer Ann Yee at her presentation in the fashion district.

And she's not the only one putting some light into the darkness that is fashion week. While walking around the Meat Packing District, I ran into what I thought was a very chic food truck. It wasn't.

While Miami has rally of trucks of food, New York has stores on wheels. Having your grilled cheese filled with lobster on the road is amazing, don't get me wrong. But having Florence Broadhurst inspired fashions sold on the street corner, is well, better.

Day Three Highlight
Here is the thing about a day full of fashion: There is the occasional break. Yesterday, I had a two hours to kill and decided Starbucks would be my new home. It was a hub of fellow fashionistas, businessmen, and one truly eclectic vagrant. You think Miami has crazies? Well, New York has us beat in insanity.

Yep, there's a person in there. And he's my new BFF.

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