A Man, a Dream, a Lesbian Lube Party

Josepher Bonilla simply wanted to bring his two favorite things together: hot chicks in latex clothes, and hot chicks who make out with each other. Voila -- the Liquor Lezbians Latex Lube Party was born, and the event’s latest installment (that’d be the Ongoing Adventures of the Liquor Lezbians Latex Lube Party 2.0) will be held tonight at Studio A. The event celebrates the beloved “liquor lesbians,” those good-spirited heterosexual gals who make out with each other after they’ve had a drink or four. And everyone will be wearing fetish clothing made of latex or something of the sort.

Pay a visit to the party’s “shine girls,” who will be equipped with bottles of special lube to polish up those latex outfits and make them look nice, feeling you up in the process (which is actually the whole point of the process). FYI: They’re actually Josepher’s personal shine girls -- as in, they follow him around and constantly polish his outfit. “People see me with my shine girls, and they say, ‘That’s great! Where can I get shine girls of my own?’” he says. “But a good shine girl can be hard to come by.” How true. So, always the gracious host, Josepher is loaning his ladies out for the night. Can you request the girls to polish the condom you’re wearing? We’re just curious. Stop by tonight at 11:00.
Fri., Sept. 21, 11 p.m., 2007
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Dan Renzi
Contact: Dan Renzi