A Burn Notice Superfan Compiled Every Miami Film Location in Five Seasons

Burn Notice fans aren't messing around. Coconut Grove politicians found that out when they tried to kick the USA series out of its filming hub last year, and met instead with mobs of angry TV viewers holding handmade signs outside City Hall.

Turns out, that's just the tip of the extreme obsession iceberg. In an impressive, obsessive feat of research, one Miami fan has compiled a list of the Burn Notice film locations around town -- all of them, episode by episode, across the show's five seasons.

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Starting with the season one pilot, in which the shopping center at 79th and Biscayne (also a Michael Bay favorite film locale) doubles for Nigeria, and continuing through all 80 episodes until the end of season five, southfloridafilminglocations.com details, scene by scene, the exact parts of town where Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, and the rest of the Burn Notice cast have spied on camera. Stills from the film are compared side-by-side with photos of the locations apart from filming.

From the Deauville in Miami Beach to the flea market and airport in Opa-Locka, the site explains each episode's plot and its corresponding locations in detail. Sometimes, Google Maps are employed to show exactly where a scene went down.

The author of the site didn't respond to our interview request, and frankly, we're a little bit concerned. The site stops tracking Burn Notice's film locations at season five; season six of the show wrapped up in December 2012. What happened to our intrepid researcher? Did s/he grow bored? Get sick?

Or did s/he get ... burned?

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