Marco Rubio's Water Bottle-Gate: The Internet's Best Responses

Last night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was tasked with the high profile but ultimately thankless job of delivering the opposing party's response to the State of the Union. These things are almost always awkward (remember Bobby Jindal's Kenneth the Page delivery a few years back?), and never match the intensity of the president's speech. It's like the opening act going on after the headliner.

Last night, in perhaps one of the most awkward mid-speech moments in political history, Rubio decided to lunge for a water bottle and then took an audible gulp, all while never breaking eye contact with the camera. The Internet went crazy.

Obviously GIFs were made.

via Short Form Blog
Then came the image macros.

Of course People on Twitter had things to say too:

Even I had to be a dick about it.

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