Ten Best Piano-Playing Rock Stars of All Time

Elton John: Only a piano player?
Elton John: Only a piano player?
Photo by Andrew Potter

Were it not for the extroverts, rock 'n' roll piano players would be at a decided disadvantage.

Though a frontman who wields a guitar has the mobility to move about the stage and pose and posture, your average keyboardist is forced to remain in a stationary position due to the fact that most grand pianos aren't really made for portability. Still, certain exceptional showmen found a way to do gymnastics while using their pianos as props, one they can stand on, duck beneath, or somersault off, depending on their athletic prowess.

Call it compensation. After all, Elton John humbly named one of his bestselling albums Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player in an attempt to lower expectations. Regardless, here the ten best piano-playing rock stars of all time, including Elton himself.

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10. Rick Wakeman

Flash and finesse make Wakeman unique among his peers. Whether sharing the stage with Yes or going solo to create musical extravaganzas about H.G. Wells' Journey to the Center of the Earth and the six wives of Englands's King Henry VIII, Wakeman's flowing blonde locks, capes, and wizardly persona left no doubt as to who commanded the keys.

9. Liberace

True, Liberace was never prone to rock 'n' roll, but it can't be denied that his extravagant wardrobe, pumped-up pompadour, and over-the-top personality made him a supreme showman, one who could easily rival any rocker before or since. Just watch the film Behind the Candelabra if further proof is needed. But beware the hot tub scene.

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