Six Reasons Infest Might Be the Most Hardcore Band in Punk History

Leave it to local punk and metal promotions powerhouse Speedfreek to convince Valencia, California's Infest to fly cross-country to Miami for the band's first show outside of its home state. Ever.

Infest's discography is meager, and the band never left California. But somehow the group has still reached every punk-rock corner of Planet Earth, inspiring myriad stage dives, countless high-fives, rabid finger-pointing, and every other imaginable pit move.

And now our city's too-good-to-be-true curators of brutal tuneage are making history by flying this legendary unit to South Florida. In preparation for this momentously mosh-worthy occasion at Churchill's Pub, we here at Crossfade spoke with Speedfreek's Roger Forbes about why Infest might be the most hardcore band in punk history.

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6. Infest Is So Elusive, Even Roger Forbes Hasn't Seen the Band

"I have a habit of flying all over the country to go to shows," Forbes tells us, like the Puff Daddy of hardcore. But even he hasn't seen Infest. "[They] broke up in '96, before I got a chance to see them perform." Hey, if you ask us, the harder it is to see a band, the more said band should be considered hardcore.

5. Infest Invented Powerviolence

Roger isn't "sure who the first powerviolence band was or that it even matters." But his job is flying punk bands that are legendary to the point of being mythical for one-off shows in Florida. It's our responsibility at Crossfade to speculate about unknowable factoids like who was the true inventor of powerviolence, a hardcore-metal hybrid genre that cartoonishly pairs grindcore's splatter speed with sludge-metal breakdowns, usually in 30 seconds or less.

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