MP3: Orion (of Elastic Bond) - "Massacre Pt. 5"

If I thought that Orion had solidified his bones with his work with Elastic Bond, I was certainly humbled and pleasantly surprised by his first solo effort, Esperanza. It was a sweet dose of chemically balanced hip-hop that not only paid respect to his Caribbean roots, but used them as a guide to build upon with a keen eye on traditional jazz. On this track from his upcoming sophomore album, Hunting Season, Orion again shows his know-how.

Unflinching spits ride along hectic beats and piano tones. It all comes to a dramatic climax on an almost sci-fi tip towards the end, with some ominous old-school scratch that gets quasi-religious and contagious without ever sacrificing the flow. Also, that baby crying in the background gives me the heebie-jeebies. And for these glorious three and a half minutes, that's a goldenly delicious thing.

If the world keeps feeding this guy fodder for his lyrical cannon, then we're gonna be alright. Download the track after the jump.

Download: Orion - "Massacre Pt. 5"


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