Miami's Top Ten Rappers on the Come-Up

Denzel Curry, one of Miami rap's most serious "Threatz."
Denzel Curry, one of Miami rap's most serious "Threatz."
Photo by Stian Roenning

Miami's rap scene is on the come-up. There is no stopping or denying it. Over the past couple of years, numerous local talents have taken to the mic and released quality material that warrants outsiders' ears.

Our city's rappers aren't only about the keys picked up at the Port of Miami at 2 a.m. from "papi" while trying to escape the Coast Guard and the Feds. There's intellect and soul in the next generation's words, providing fans and hip-hop enthusiasts with a glimpse into the minds, surroundings, and personalities of the real people of the 305.

Of course, there are more than ten rappers in Miami, many of them great. But we here at Crossfade picked this group of newcomers because they could be the core of 2014's scene.

Let the debating and hating begin.

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Denzel Curry

Good luck trying to find or manufacture a viable reason to argue this one. His Nostalgic 64 is arguably the best hip-hop project to come out of South Florida this year, providing Miami with 2013 anthems in the form of "Threatz" and "Zone 3." At only 18 years old and fresh out of high school, Curry's rhyming schemes and storytelling abilities are astounding, which only makes the anticipation for his follow-up, Planet Shrooms, that much greater.

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Bizzy Crook

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If you want to be great, you have to study the greats. Or you can get "Emails From Kanye West" like Bizzy Crook. After being pushed back for months, his album '84 (named for the year that Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls) was finally released, studded with solid singles such as "Park Avenue" featuring Estelle and "That Money" featuring Nelly. But Crook can't stop now, '84: Off Season is just around the corner.

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