Into the Night

Zen (1203 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 673-2817) expands its party parade with two new/newish one-nighters. Tomorrow night (Friday) party promoters Jeff Hubert and Carlos Gonzalez catch the crowds with Pump, a deep-house dance party where DJ Eddie X is king of his own turntable throne. A large dance floor will be packed with muscle boys and dance fanatics, while smaller, quieter rooms off to the side are perfect for schmoozing and socializing. Open nearly a month, Pump has been gaining momentum with the boy-meets-boy crowd, but it really caters to anyone and everyone who wants to party. Friday night will never the same again -- let's hope it stays that way. Starting this Sunday, May 11, a different vibe takes over when Zen hosts Fat Albert, a soul, funk, and R&B too-phat-for-words party with New York DJ Red Alert on the wheels of steel. Peace, love, happiness, and cool grooves are the order of the evening. The Z's seem to have it this week, as Zanzibar (615 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 538-6688) also joins the one-nighter grooving crew on Tuesday, May 13, when it debuts Because, an acid-jazz party with tunes by DJ Snowhite, the petite party monger who spins humongous grooves. The gathering breaks the boredom of the weekday rut and adds some down and dirty fun to the heart of SoBe.

KGB, "Bass Mint." The NFA runs three rooms that blast you with three different sounds. With acid jazz, hip-hop, and house rhythms, who needs to go anywhere else? 637 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 535-3063.

South Beach Pub, "Open-Mike Night." Sean the Birdman hosts a night of local talent and homegrown rock and roll fun. 717 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-7821.

Squeeze, "Ladies Night." DJ Guy spins the best in progressive and alternative dance songs for everyone from yuppies and clean-cut college kids to tattooed and pierced fetish fanatics. 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale, 954-522-2151.

Trattoria Pampered Chef. The voice of Argentina, Carlos Cortez, sings tango tunes and performs romantic musical interludes; three shows nightly. 3145 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, 567-0104.

Howl at the Moon Saloon, "Howlin' Happy Hour." Work off that weekday stress with drink specials, a buffet, and fast and furious sing-along piano songs. 3015 Grand Ave. (CocoWalk), Coconut Grove, 442-8300.

Desperado, "KISS Country Live." All the dance mixes of your favorite line-dancing lingo in a bull-riding, cowboy-hat-wearing setting, with KISS Country personality Gator Brooks hosting. 2520 S. Miami Rd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-463-2855.

Marsbar, "Bovine Sex Club." Drink specials and party girls dancing in a cage high above the floor are the highlights of the evening, with DJ Alex Gutierrez at the controls. 8505 Mills Dr. (Town & Country Center), Kendall, 271-6909.

Salvation. Revolving party themes keep you guessing as the largest party for men who love men takes over, with an open bar from 10:00 to midnight; dancemaster DJ Abel is at the wheels of steel. 1771 West Ave., Miami Beach, 673-6508.

Cameo Theatre. Get into the groove with a jammin' blend of reggae, R&B, and house music pumped out by DJ Waggy Tee. Tight and heavy sounds for the masses. 1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0922.

Victor's Cafe, "Asi Es Mi Cuba." Keep Cuban company with fancy fun and supper-club elegance as Marietta performs her Afro-Cuban and folkloric show. 2340 SW 32nd Ave., 445-1313.

La Covacha, "La Carcel." A Cuban country roadhouse packed with patrons dancing to Latin rock. The club where a good time is always the first priority. 10730 NW 25th St., West Dade, 594-3717.

Trio Nightclub, "Deca-dance." DJ Tre pumps out retro rhythms to take you back in time, with dangerous disco driving in the side room. Cheap drinks and hearty fun. 2660 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-958-9971.

821, "Jet Set." Fasten your seat belts and blast off into another world of cocktails and mean lounge music. 821 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, 534-0887.

Society Hill, "Club Soul Clap." DJ Coop D. Ville spins acid jazz, soul, R&B, and funk jams for fun and frolic in a whole new underworld; drink specials galore. 627 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 534-9993.

Gables Diner. Revel in the blues as local dude Fleet Starbuck and his Blues Duo play smooth hits for an appreciative crowd. 2320 Galiano St., Coral Gables, 567-0330.

Rose's Bar & Music Lounge, "Open-Mike Night." Locals try their best before a crowd of appreciative regulars. 754 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 532-0228.

Lost Weekend. Air hockey, Space Invaders, Pac Man, and other cheesy-but-fun games take a back seat to a too-cool pool tournament with a $100 grand prize. 218 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, 672-1707.

Club St. Croix, "Tini Tuesday." Cheap martinis and cigar rollers rule this evening chock full of drinking, debauchery, and dancing to tunes with a retro twist. 3015 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove, 446-4999.

MoJazz Cafe, "Brazilian Jazz Night." Get over the midweek blues with the cool sounds of the the Brazilian Voices Quintet. 928 71st St (facing Normandy Fountain), Miami Beach, 865-2636.

Stella Blue, "Ladies Reggae Night." Get irie at an island-jam ladies night with live music by Safari. 1661 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, 532-4788.

Polly Esther's, "Culture Club." A supermad night of psycho Eighties and phunky funk to take us all back in time. 841 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 535-5633.

-- By Liz Martinez

Send information regarding special "one-nighters" to "Into the Night." Fax material to 571-7678 or call 571-7572.


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