36th St. and N. Miami
Miami, FL 33137
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  • Beyond Basel
    3 years ago by Carlos Suarez De Jesus

    For “Midtown 34th Street,” local nonprofit Art of Cultural Evolution has teamed with mobile creative workshop Transit Antenna and artlurker.com, a Miami-based online publication, to produce a sustainable living site at 8...

  • South Florida Zombie Crawl to Fill Midtown With the Bloody Undead
    3 years ago by Hannah Sentenac

    From the disturbing causeway face-eating incident in Miami to Maryland's homicidal housemate, the word "zombie" probably appeared in more headlines this year than ever before. And the zombie mania isn't over. Now that Halloween's al...

  • The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend
    4 years ago by Alex Rodriguez

    Hey, y'all, guess what? It's Friday!But, today isn't just any Friday. No, no. This day rolls around only once a year. (That "roll" pun was intended, by the way.) It's April 20, otherwise known as 4/20, man. It is the only day on the...

  • Midtown Munchies
    4 years ago by Ciara LaVelle

    Once upon a time, long ago (well, it was the 1970s), a group of teenage friends heard rumors of an abandoned crop of the plant Cannabis sativa that lay not far from where they went to high school in California. They made plans to in...

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