This is a great place to spend an idle morning or an active afternoon with your best friend. There are really two separate, fenced-in dog parks: one for small dogs (less than 35 pounds) and one for big dogs (more than 35 pounds), so Chowder can easily make friends his own size. You don't have to worry about potential play dates being a bad influence on your beloved pooch either; dogs must have valid tags to enter the playground. There are lots of potential play dates for those at the other end of the leash too. Parkgoers run the gamut from little abuelitas to irreverent hipsters. Aside from this being the perfect place for your hound to burn off some energy — each side of the park has a king-of-the-hill ramp, a tire jump, a window jump, doggie comfort stations, and water spray areas — you'll be surrounded by tall trees, a lake, and miles and miles of nature's splendor. Tropical Park's Bark Park is the ideal spot to let your little snookie-wookums loose while you read a book and enjoy lunch on one of the many picnic tables or benches. However, you'll probably just want to sit back and watch the adorable high jinks unfold as a French bulldog and a teacup Yorkie try to pick up the same miniature poodle.

Location Details

7900 Bird Rd.
Miami FL 33155


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