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  • 13 days ago | Things To Do

    If you're still using a rotary phone or dial-up modem, Pérez Art Museum Miami's Tech Takeover probably won't float your boat. But for everyone else living in 2018 and wanting to explore how tech is shaping the modern Miami landscape, this is the e...

  • 14 days ago | Art

    Driving on I-95 at 5 p.m., you pass a hot-orange light peeking through the leaves of roadside trees. You have plenty of time to notice it because traffic is almost always crawling. But you barely do, the same way you barely notice your elderly nei...

  • 20 days ago | Things To Do

    Thursday In a city as self-conscious as Miami, a guide to the best restaurants, party ideas, and travel destinations can feel like a necessity. The Cocktailz & Coconutz series is here to provide just that with the help of Jean-Désir Fils, AKA ...

  • 21 days ago | Things To Do

    Whether you're happy to see it go or sad to watch it fade, the year of Trump's presidency, sexual harassment revelations, and Hurricane Irma is winding down, and you have six days to wave goodbye. End it on the right note with events such as Celeb...


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