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  • 5 days ago | Lists

    As evidenced by the Miami Dolphins shocking 30-15 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers this past weekend, there is a reason the phrase "any given Sunday" is so popular. Any NFL team can beat any other team on any week, and that really isn't all that s...

  • 7 days ago | Columns

    How nice was it yesterday seeing the Dolphins make someone else sick for once?  Dolphins fans weren't the only ones surprised that the Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-15 on Sunday. Steelers defenders weren't quite prepared for that e...

  • 12 days ago | Lists

    Halloween is the unofficial kick start to the holiday season. It's as good an excuse as any to act like a child, dress up in absurd costumes, and scare the living shit out of people. It's also the only time of year you would pay for someone else t...

  • 12 days ago | Lists

    Breaking news: New Times has now confirmed with multiple sources that the Miami Dolphins are indeed a terrible football team. We will continue to update our readers as additional facts about this devastating, yet unsurprising news comes in.&n...

  • 14 days ago | Columns

    The Miami Dolphins season is over, and so is Ryan Tannehill's time quarterbacking this team. The Dolphins 30-17 loss to the hapless Tennessee Titans on Sunday dropped the Dolphins to 1-4 on the year, and for all intents and purposes left them out ...

  • 17 days ago | Culture

    Ten years ago, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County opened its doors for the first time. This weekend, the venue will host a massive party to celebrate. To commemorate its tenth anniversary, the Arsht plans t...


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