Trina Sargalski

Merrick House Slow Food Pie Picnic in Pictures

It was pie heaven at the Merrick House in Coral Gables this Saturday. About two dozen pies were submitted for the contest at the

Slow Food

Pie Picnic.

Hedy Goldsmith, pastry chef at Michael's Genuine, was the Chief Justice of Pie. The other judges were: Ariana Kumpis (Ariana's Etiquette), John Critchley (Area 31), Victoria Pesce Elliott (Miami Herald), Janet Van Aken (Norman's 180), Glen Terry (King Mango Strut Parade), and Kristin Connor (Whisk Gourmet).

Pies were judged on appearance, taste, creativity, use of regional ingredients, and creative name. Taste and appearance (including runniness/firmness) got the most weight.

Trina Sargalski

While the judges were ensconced inside the Merrick House, Presidential

summit-style, guests picnicked on the grounds.   Boy Scout Troop 7 broke

ground on a new Heritage Garden, which they will officially start

planting this week.

There were a few vendors, as well. Teena Borek from Teena's Pride Farm was promoting her upcoming fall CSA and

selling herb plants: a variety of basils, fire sorrel, and chocolate

mint. Seriously Organic, a new foraging and sourcing company, sold

organic eggs from near Orlando. Family members of Whisk Gourmet's Brendan and Kristin Connor gave out free


Trina Sargalski
Avocado and mamey cream pies


the pies finally emerged from judging, they were set upon by the eager

guests. The rains came, and the guests grew restless waiting for the

results of the contest. The judges had to make their final

deliberations and score sheets needed to be tallied (a pie contest judging app

anyone?). Around 4 p.m., the scene nearly became mutinous when there were

still no results, and folk singer Valerie Wisecracker began singing the fifth reprise of "Who Got the Best Pie?" (a song she composed in honor of the event).

Trina Sargalski


this all-American afternoon was saved from a riotous end when the

winners were finally announced at around 4:15. Summertime Blueberry

Pie by Marlin Ebbert won first place. Second place was Moctezuma's

Delight, a spicy chocolate tart with pecans, submitted by Johnn Carr.

Third place was Lucila's Fruta Bomba Crème Brulee Pie by Lucila

Jimenez (yes, that Lucila Jimenez).

Longan Walnut Bolaraisin Pie by Robert Barnum took fourth place. Yam I

Am by Carol Garvin and Passion Fruit Pie by Jana Carvin took fifth and

sixth places.

Trina Sargalski
Slow Food Miami president Donna Reno and folk singer Valerie Wisecracker
Trina Sargalski
First place: Summertime Blueberry Pie by Marlin Ebbert. Ebbert used Meg's Berries from Gainesville.
Trina Sargalski
Second place: Moctezuma's Delight, a chocolate tart with spicy pecans, by Johnn Carr
Trina Sargalski
Third Place: Lucila's Fruta Bomba Crème Brulee Pie by Lucila Jimenez
Trina Sargalski
Trina Sargalski
Starry, Starry Night and Passion Fruit Pie by Jana White (Sixth place winner)
Trina Sargalski
Clockwise from top: Key Lime Mango with Guava Cream, Moctezuma's Delight Chocolate Tart, Apple Tarte Tatin, and Lemon Chess Pie.
Trina Sargalski
Goat Cheese Panna Cotta Pie with Hatcher Mango
Trina Sargalski
Judges' Table: (clockwise from left) Hedy Goldmith, Glen Terry, John Critchley, Kristin Connor, Janet Van Aken, and Victoria Pesce Elliott
Trina Sargalski
Trina Sargalski
Trina Sargalski
The new garden space at Merrick House, which will be planted by Boy Scout Troop 7
Trina Sargalski
The porch at Merrick House
Trina Sargalski
The Whisk Family: Efain Connor (sister of Whisk Gourmet's Brendan and Kristin Connor), Julie Connor (mom), Susan McGrath, and Peggy McMahon
Trina Sargalski
Teena's Pride herbs
Trina Sargalski
Trina Sargalski

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