Sandra Lee's Ten Most Epic Holiday Fails

Sandra Lee and the Kwanzaa cake. Epic fail for all seasons.
Sandra Lee and the Kwanzaa cake. Epic fail for all seasons.
Food Network

Sandra Lee: Satan's spawn or hapless purveyor of crap television? We're not sure.

On one hand, this drunken Barbie could very well be the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it, with her semihomemade recipes, really bad background music, and drunken interludes.

On the other hand, Lee could just be the real face of middle American men and women who long to be as crafty as Martha Stewart, witty as Anthony Bourdain, and as talented as Bobby Flay, but sadly just wind up bleaching their hair and opening a can of soup.

As annoying as Sandra Lee is throughout the year, the holidays are a special time for her. It's only once a year that she can hot-glue candy to Styrofoam, add vodka to rum to bourbon to butterscotch schnaps, and break out the Hanukkah and Kwanzaa cakes. Because humiliation knows no religion.

10. Noel Cupcakes

OMG! It runs in the family. Not only is Lee a shameless whore for Betty Crocker, but also her little niece gets in on the act by demonstrating how you too can turn a perfectly good store-bought cupcake into an abysmal sack of excrement.

9. Santa's Sleigh Cocktail

We're not sure why this frozen drink is called Santa's sleigh ride; we just know that if you left this for old Saint Nick, he'd be arrested for SUI -- sleighing under the influence.

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