Florida Taxpayers Paid Pitbull a Million Dollars to Say "Dale" a Lot

Throughout his rise to fame, sold-out arenas, and cheesy Bud Light ads, Pitbull has refused to throw his "dales" behind either political party. Even as many Latin celebs backed Hillary because of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant xenophobia, Pitbull refused to wade in, suggesting instead that both parties are equally mierda. (And, to a cynic, leaving his purchasing power intact on both sides of the aisle.)

So it's been weird seeing Pitbull at the center of a political firestorm this week. But that's exactly where Armando Christian Perez found himself thanks to GOP House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who filed a lawsuit to find out just how much the state's tourism agency had paid the rapper last year.

Visit Florida, the tourism agency, refused to release that info, calling it a "trade secret." Pitbull, presumably, wished he'd never gotten involved in a state-funded operation.

But now the mystery is over — and it turns out that taxpayers doled out a cool million bucks for Pitbull's bald-headed magic. We know that because the man himself decided to end the infighting by throwing his whole contract up on Twitter:
Jokes aside, tweeting out the contract was a typically savvy move by a rapper with an unparalleled commercial sense. Corcoran's lawsuit is now a moot point, and Pit comes out looking like the bigger man in a GOP political squabble over whether Visit Florida is wasting money on dumb campaigns.

Because dumb or not, the contract actually seems like a fairly reasonable deal for $1 million: Pit promised to make a music video called "Sexy Beaches," which he did (and which has more than ten million views on YouTube):

That alone seems like fairly decent advertising return on the payout, but the contract also called for Pitbull to use Florida tourism hashtags on his live tours, make intros and music for various other Visit Florida campaigns, do live appearances and international gigs, and drum up state tourism during his live New Year's performance.

The real question is whether this brouhaha has now amounted to Pitbull meeting a commercial deal he didn't like in the end. What say you, Pitbull?

"#LOVEFL since birth ... and till the day I die!" he tweeted. "Dale!"

Let it never be said that Pit is not committed to his slogans.
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