Fake Doctor Injected Cement and Fix-A-Flat Into Patient's Butt

Oneal Morris (click to enlarge)
Oneal Morris (click to enlarge)

"Dr." Oneal Morris has a very literal solution for patients looking to add a little junk to their trunks. She injected a woman looking to add a little more oomph to her caboose with a solution made of cement, superglue, mineral oil, and Fix-A-Flat tire mender. Thirty-year-old Morris was arrested today by Miami Gardens police.

A patient asked Morris, a transgendered woman who is still legally identified as a man, to give her butt implants, according to NBC Miami. So Morris cut her open and injected the crazy mixture. She then closed the patient's wound with superglue. (These kinds of back-alley plastic surgery procedures are not terribly uncommon in South Florida.)

As a result of the procedure, the woman ended up in the hospital, treated for a serious condition by actual doctors.

Fake Doctor Injected Cement and Fix-A-Flat Into Patient's Butt

Morris has now been arrested on charges of practicing medicine without a license and from her arrest pictures appears to sport some sort of junk in her own rear end as well.

Police believe that other victims might exist but are too afraid to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call the Miami Gardens Police Department at 305-474-1420.

This type of back-alley ass enhancement -- with fatal effects -- isn't novel to South Florida.

Two years ago, we published a feature story about the underground silicone-injection scene in Miami and the fatalities that have resulted from bad injections.

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