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Wolf Eyes' John Olson Says Noise Music Is Over: "Completely, 100 Percent"

Wolf Eyes is one of the most iconic bands from the early- to mid-2000s explosion of noise music that reverberated (deafeningly) across North America.

While the genre is the cumulative product of often disparate scenes, this Michigan unit -- consisting of Nate Young, longtime collaborator John Olson, and a shape-shifting cast of worthy collaborators -- crossed over to the indie-mainstream, eventually even being inked to the Sub Pop records roster.

After a brief hiatus, which saw Young and Olson emerge with their highly musical (though still challenging and psychedelic) Stare Case project, Wolf Eyes is back. And nothing will ever be the same. The band is once more a three piece. But on-again, off-again collaborators Mike Connelly and Aaron Dilloway are no longer in the picture. Enter "Crazy" Jim Baljo, the guitarist who is seemingly the human embodiment of the group's new era.

In the lead up to a performance at Churchill's Pub this Friday as part of the Look Alive Fest, we here at Crossfade spoke with Olson about what it means to be Wolf Eyes in 2013.

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