Ultra Music Festival

Deadmau5 Will Cover for the Prodigy at Ultra 2016

This morning, around 50,000 hearts were broken when they learned that the highly anticipated Prodigy set was no longer going to happen. But, at least the time slot won't go blank.

Deadmau5, who just had his fair share of drama at Spotify's Miami Music Week party, announced on Twitter that he will be filling in for the Prodigy tonight at 11 p.m. on Ultra's Live Stage.  Deadmau5 was originally only scheduled to play tomorrow at 6:10 p.m. on Ultra's State of Trance stage. He still will go forward with that set, but Ultra fans will be treated to a double dose of deadmau5 this Ultra. 

Deadmau5, who only four days ago half-heartedly threatened Ultra with an exclusively black metal set, has been on most people's must-watch list this Ultra. 
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Ryan Pfeffer is a contributor and former Miami New Times music editor. After earning a BS from Florida State University, Ryan joined the New Times staff in November 2013 as a web editor.
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