Gay Spanish

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2016-07-27 19:00:00
7:00 p.m. every Wed.
free; suggested $10 donation

Location Info:

Hotel Gaythering
1409 Lincoln Rd.
Miami Beach, FL  33139
Learning a new language can be a real drag. Sure, the idea of communicating with more of your fellow men is exciting and time-worthy, but sometimes, you just end up confused and embarrassed. And when are you really going to need to find your way to the library? Months into a program, you find yourself in a real-life situation and still you have no idea what to say. That’s where Ron Bruni’s program My Language Bubble comes into play. Bruni focuses not on the usual, redundant list of basics but on immersive techniques that get at the heart of speaking to people with interests similar to yours about the things that matter. Hey, you know what’s a really interesting and important topic? Sex! Or at least dating. You know who’s not shy about sex and dating? The gay male community of South Beach. That means the gay crowd is the perfect place to practice Bruni’s Bubble method, and he does just that with a fun group of guys every Wednesday at the Gaythering (1409 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). The hourlong “class” is nothing like your Spanish college courses. It’s Gay Spanish, and students have a ton of laughs while learning and role playing how to pick up a sexy guy en español. Start with the basics and move your way through conversational Spanish in a way that will help you make connections that last — or connections that don’t. That’s all up to you, and we’re not ones to judge.
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