Valeria Nekhim Lease


Valeria Nekhim was born in the Ukraine and raised in Montreal — a city famous for its year-round farmers’ markets and multicultural cuisine. Inspired by the amazing food around her, Valeria started the column "Val's Bites" for her college newspaper. It highlighted affordable eats for students and cemented her love affair with food writing. After graduating with a degree in journalism, Valeria moved to Manhattan, another culinary capital, where she ate her way through the entire city. Romance brought her to Miami in 2013, and a month into her move, she began writing for Miami New Times’ food blog. As someone who grew up idolizing food critics, Valeria is grateful for the opportunity to be a restaurant reviewer. That said, her favorite part of the job is stepping inside the world of chefs and restaurateurs and learning their stories. When she's not cooking, eating, thinking/writing about food, Valeria can be found dreaming about designer shoes and trips to the Amalfi Coast.

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