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Israel's First Zombie Movie, Cannon Fodder: "We Tried to Piss Everyone Off"

Tonight at O Cinema Wynwood, the director and star of Cannon Fodder, Israel's first zombie movie, will be hosting a one-off screening of their film weeks before it opens in their home country.

"We've shown it at a few festivals in Israel and there were some people who did not get the film at all," director Eitan Gafni tells us. "The were seeing it as a right-wing propaganda film. Which is okay because we really wanted every left-wing person to be pissed off and we we wanted every right-winger person to get pissed off and maybe create a debate. In this film, there's a conscious effort -- well, we tried to piss off everyone, with a smile."

The screening is a joint presentation of the Miami Jewish Film Festival and the Israeli Consulate. Given that support and that much of the budget was provided by government-affiliated film funds, charges of propaganda might not feel so far-fetched when one considers that the film deals with the Israeli army heroically fighting off mindless, subhuman hordes in the borderlands.

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