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Marcelo's Ceviche Truck: Who'd Have Guessed?

Five years ago, Marcelo Florindez went

on vacation from his restaurant job and was let go upon his return.

He had two things going for him: the desire to own his own business

and a knack for making fresh, flavorful ceviche. At first, Marcelo

wanted to open his own restaurant. But that was expensive. So he turned his attention to making his ceviche mobile.

He had to build the vehicle first,

outfitting it so he could set up shop and make ceviche from scratch

at places such as Jimbo's on Key Biscayne, where I met up with him.

Then he had to apply for the necessary license. Marcelo is quite

proud of being, as far as he knows, the only licensed ceviche truck in Miami.

The ingredients that Marcelo uses are from Peru, with the exception of the fish, which comes from Costa Rica and Panama. His fish ceviche is marinated in lime juice, cilantro, rocoto chilies, and red onions. The fish is fresh, marinated just right, and contain enough of a hint of spice. Because he makes the ceviche to order, you can request the combinations of fish, level of spice, and typical ceviche condiments.

Marcelo operates Wednesday through Sunday after 2 p.m. Usually, he can be found on Key Biscayne -- around the tennis center and then from house to house -- but on Thursdays, he is in Doral near Galloway Road and NW 28th Street. Call him anytime and he'll head your way. Or find him on Facebook. He makes house calls and caters parties.

Marcelo's Ceviche
[email protected]

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