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Get Beer Delivered by Boat Thanks to Alcohol-Delivery App Klink

Drinking an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day is a feeling not easily matched. Now picture that beer on a quiet coastline in Florida. Your toes wiggle in the sand as your hands clutch a frosty bottle. But the thought of lugging all those brews and keeping them cold quickly takes your fantasy back to reality. That is, until now.

This Saturday, Klink, a Miami-based alcohol delivery service app, will make beachside beer deliveries by boat. Users will have the option of ordering beverages, including cans of Corona, through any device with access to Klink's website.

"Corona wanted to help beachgoers literally 'find their beach,'" says Craig Bolz, cofounder of Klink, "and execute a carefree beach day in a way that’s never been done before. What’s more unique than getting beer delivered in minutes, right to your spot on the sand?

"Users will even be able to watch their order come ashore from an anchored boat," he adds. "This is an exclusive, personalized experience that they can get only through Klink delivery."

According to Bolz, beer will be delivered by boats and Jet Skis, all operated by licensed captains. There will be an offshore anchored boat facilitating orders and three Jet Skis that will deliver beer from boat to beach on demand. All orders will come in a cooler with giveaways as well as sliced limes. The best part, Bolz says, is there's no added charge for delivery by boat. 
Unfortunately, deliveries will be made only at Archibald Beach Park in Madeira, Florida, about 300 miles from Miami. Bolz says, however, that a similar service might be in the future of those near Miami-Dade County.

"We’re always looking for unique ways to bring consumers their favorite beverages," he says, "and Klink is always delivering much more than just beverages. This is another example of how Klink delivers experiences to customers, and there will certainly be more of that coming in the future."

Last November, Klink launched a similar experience-based partnership with Anheuser-Busch's tequila-flavored beer, Oculto, where Lady Oculto, the mysterious masked woman in the Oculto advertising and social media campaigns, joined Klink delivery drivers to offer consumers a seductive tutorial on the product ritual.

For now, Bolz has high hopes for Klink's first boat-delivery trial.

"This is the first time a beer brand and an on-demand delivery brand have synced up to provide a beach delivery service," he says, "so it’s exciting to be part of this first-ever offering."

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