Alcohol-Delivery App Klink Delivers Oculto Experience Starting Tonight

Anheuser-Busch's tequila-flavored beer, Oculto, is partnering with Klink, a Miami-based alcohol delivery service app, to offer experiential deliveries across the Miami area tonight, Saturday night, and next Saturday, November 28.

Users will be able to order and pay within the Klink app, available for iOS and Android devices through their app stores or online at klinkdelivery.com. Once an order is placed, Klink will deliver Oculto in about an hour. Each order will arrive with the desired number of bottles of Oculto plus a handful of limes, salt, and masks. Lady Oculto, the mysterious masked woman in the Oculto advertising and social media campaigns, will join Klink delivery drivers to offer consumers a seductive tutorial on the product ritual.

"The deliveries are experiential because instead of just delivering product, Klink is really delivering the entire Oculto experience right to consumers' doors," says Craig Bolz, cofounder of Klink.

Bolz says he foresees similar partnerships in the future, expanding on Klink's concept of bringing more than just alcohol to its users. 

"Klink is about empowering people to entertain fantastically," he says. "Whether it's a dinner for two or a party for 200, we believe in being an end-to-end provider of amazing experiences to customers and in helping customers to order the perfect products for the experiences they want to have."

To have the full Oculto experience delivered to your doorstep, you must order at least one six-pack of Oculto through Klink. There is a $20 minimum for Klink delivery, and each six-pack of Oculto costs $10.99. Consumers are encouraged to share the experience, and the ensuing mischief, on social media with the hashtag #MakeSecrets.

The offer is valid tonight from 7 till midnight and Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight; next Saturday's time is to be announced. You can use the promo code MAKESECRETS for free delivery.

Users will be able to order Oculto from Klink any time after November 20, but the full experience will be offered only on designated nights.

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