Australian McDonald's Now Serving Lamb Burgers (Video)

Mary and Little Bo Peep will fall off their rockers when they read this: Their sheep are now to be stuffed in convenient to-go golden arch boxes.

McDonald's down under just launched its newest culinary exploration: lamb burgers -- made with 100 percent Australian lamb.

We like the little creatures and all, but, from McDonald's?


We found the billboard promoting the lamb burger with the phrase, "Mary had a little lamb, fries and a Coke" a little provocative. You? Children are probably weeping their eyes out at the thought of their childhood friend, Mary, chomping down on her beloved little lambs.

What happens when the kid says: "Mummy, if Mary had a little lamb, fries, and a Coke, then I want one, too!"? Does all of Australia swirl into an endless downward spiral of childhood obesity?

If so, we will know that Mary should've just stuck to her nuts and berries or whatever she ate in the lullabies. Because we all know those burgers won't do well by her waistline. Mary, girl, get with it.

The burger consists of "100% Aussie lamb", a "freshly fried egg", sliced pickled beet, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and, of course, a squeeze of mayonnaise between two buns.

We can't quite describe the lamb burger's nutritional content (or perhaps lack thereof) just yet because it has not been added to Australia's public nutritional and ingredient list.

However, should we somehow find out that pink slime is anywhere on the nutritional list, we'll be sure to report back.

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