5 Reasons David Chang's On Top

Eight years after opening his flagship restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar


the East Village, David Chang is still on top of the food world and only

getting bigger (cameos on Top Chef and HBO's hit show Treme, plus a


restaurant set to open in Sydney, Australia). 

Google his name and


of articles will come up, most raving about his superstardom. 



star-hungry bastards, he despises such articles, but in spite of that,

here's another one to add to the list. 

Let me count the ways in which he is so awesome (in no particular


5. Lucky Peach magazine


to the online world on June 7 and officially hit newsstands and

bookstores a

week ago (June 22). What is it? It's his very own quarterly food-based

magazine. Each issue will focus on one food topic alone that will be

explored through a variety of subjects, i.e., art, anthropology,


etc. And since it is David Chang, expect lots and lots of cameos. The


issue's already got the likes of Ruth Reichl, Anthony Bourdain, and



The theme of issue one is ramen, and here are some articles you will


 - John T. Edge introduces the New Orleans specialty, ya ka mein 
 - Debunking the Myth of Authenticity with Todd Kliman 
 - David Chang's very own eating escapades in Japan 
 - Recipes, recipes, recipes!

Oh yeah, and if you despise paper, there's an iPad app for it too. 

4. He always speaks his mind. Like Bourdain, he is known for being a badass. He says whatever the

hell he wants, whenever he the hell he wants. For some examples click here, here, here, and here.

3. Pillowy clouds are what his pork buns are made of. Have you had


yet? They are simple but the stuff of dreams: bun, pork belly,


cucumbers, and sweet hoison sauce. Put eating them on your bucket list,


you haven't done so already. Get them at either Momofuku Noodle


or Momofuku Ssam Bar.

2. Milk Bar exists. The

sweet shop originally surfaced in 2008 adjacent to Momofuku Ssam Bar and


since expanded to locations in Midtown and Billyburg. Aside from the


named items that can be found on the menu -- Crack Pie and Compost

Cookie --

there's Cereal Milk Soft Serve. It tastes like leftover milk from your

cereal bowl infused with cornflake cereal. It's genius! 

1. And finally, the internet. Like any chef who wants to make a name for himself, he


some serious swag online: a


food items from Milk Bar, totes, and even cooking sauces modeled after


very sauces used in his restaurants (sold exclusively at


Now, we're just waiting for his show to premiere...

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