Twenty-Five Reasons We Are Thankful for the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat is your rock. The team is Netflix on a gloomy South Florida winter day. They make you feel more emotion on a nightly basis than any Adele album ever could. They are waking up in the middle of the night and remembering tomorrow is Saturday. They are chicken-tender subs on sale at Publix. For years, they have cuddled your frustrated Miami-sports-fan soul into their welcoming championship bosom at just the right time. 

What we are trying to say is the Miami Heat is the best, and Heat fans are so thankful for the team — for so many reasons. Here are just a few things we would like to thank the Heat for this Thanksgiving. 

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25. For these, obviously. These are pretty cool. 

24. For keeping together a broadcasting team the fans love, unlike someone else

23. For never settling for mediocre, unlike someone else.

22. For Chris Bosh. Just everything Chris Bosh. Boshy Bear is the best. 

21. For always being a first-class organization, no matter what

20. For embracing the fans — no matter their age, gender, or race — like they are your family, 365 days a year. 

19. For making Miami sports about more than just the 1972 Dolphins and Dan Marino. 

18. For being the best team in town at identifying talent and playing the best guys. 

17. For having the best game-day experience and the dopest pregame festivities in town.

16. For the best moment in Miami sports history. 

15. For always doing you and never caring what the outsiders think

14. For always knowing what buttons to push with the fans. 

13. For the Miami Heat dancers. Seriously, thank you for them. 

12. For 50 percent off Papa John's orders, like every frickin' day. 

11. For Burnie. Especially the time he did this. 

10. And Banana Man.

9. For the best in-arena voice in the game, Mike Baiamonte. Stannnnnnnnnd up, and thannnnnkkkk ya boooyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

8. For the past, present, and of future of Dwyane Wade, the greatest athlete in Miami sports history. 

7. For always having a Sunday twilight game. Those really help us get over — you know. 

6. For always taking care of ex-players so that current ones respect the culture

5. For Pat Riley — the greatest thing that has ever happened to sports in Miami. 

4. For Erik Spoelstra.

3. For that feeling when we walk down Biscayne Boulevard, even on an off day.

2. For the best owner in sports. 

1. For being a franchise fans can be proud to say they are thankful for on Thanksgiving. 

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