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The Melky Files: All the Mentions of Melky Cabrera in Tony Bosch's Records

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Up through last August, Melky Cabrera was having a career year for the San Francisco Giants. He smacked 51 hits in May alone and was honored as the All Star Game MVP after going 2-3 in a National League victory. But then Major League Baseball found elevated testosterone levels in Cabrera and suspended him 50 games. Cabrera didn't fight the ruling.

New Times investigation into Coral Gables clinic Biogenesis found Cabrera repeatedly mentioned in clinic chief Tony Bosch's records. Click through for all those records.

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Cabrera has yet to respond to New Times investigation. A number of other players named in the piece as well as Tony Bosch have issued denials through their attorneys.

Cabrera is mentioned in two client spreadsheets from the clinic. The first is dated June 2012:

The second is undated:

Cabrera appears often in Bosch's personal business journals. In the book labeled "2009," he writes this:

This comes from a Bosch notebook:

And this:

In the book labeled "2010," there's this:

In the "2011" book, there's this mention:


And this:

In the book labeled "2012," there's this:


This entry:

As well as this:

And this:

This entry as well:

This appears in a loose document from the clinic:

This appears in an undated, hand-written client list from the clinic:

Lastly, there's a hand-written letter in the records from Bosch to someone named "Juan," in which he congratulates Cabrera on the MVP -- presumably in the All Star Game -- then rails against him for getting suspended, putting his business at risk and allegedly not paying up on his bills.

We've transcribed the handwritten notes, which we've also embedded below. As noted in client lists, Bosch called Cabrera "Mostro," and referred to Alex Rodriguez as "Cacique":

Dear Juan:

Congrats on the MVP award! This smells like the ... advantage. I think that the "J. Bond story" and the food adjustments that I made, along the right representation, (unclear), might be able to pull this off! I'm feeling it more and more and so are some industry experts ...

Having said that, I need your help in completing this month's food distribution and collections, as promised and guaranteed by you.

I believe that during this self-inflicted fiasco, Mostro has received his salary and you have been compensated by your employer. However, I have not received payment of any form ...

I am out thousands of dollars b/c I bought all this month's food.

In me helping him, I put my busin. and all my dr's at risk by fabricating pt. charts and phony prescriptions.

I did it b/c you promised me compensation and I trust you.

This also has put my relationship w Cacique at risk @ the tune of 12K per month. And I have 4 years remaining on that deal.

And to top it off, I'm upside down on "D.R." and "My Son."

... or professional services.

I know that this is an alarming issue and detrimenting too many careers, including my own. However, life goes on and bills need to get paid.

I have invested in your player and leveraged my profits in order to accommodate your requests, specifically (unclear) "D.R." and "My Son."

That risk has been compounded by Mostro's inconsistent behavior and idle threats, not to mention his lack of irresponsibility which has led to this "pressure cooker" that we are all experiencing.

The character of a man is measured (unclear) ... and not necessarily in good times. Tell your "boy" to man-up and act accordingly.

Furthermore, I would like to send all the food out immediately to you so you may distribute it and I would like for your to collect payment, set aside your fees, and dep. this remaining balance into my bank account.

This includes Mostro's 9K and my 5K All-Star bonus, that he so vehemently vigorously promised.

I am on the "line" here!! This guys (unclear) blunder has me infuriated along with his "stupid" idle ...

Here are the letters:

Editor's Note (July 1, 2013): Some of the records included in this blog post appear to have been filed under the wrong year by our source. To avoid confusion, we've removed references to the calendar year for misfiled pages. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.