Cops Are Once Again Outside Antonio Brown's South Florida Home

Brown has been involved in a seemingly never-ending list of incidents in the past year.
Brown has been involved in a seemingly never-ending list of incidents in the past year. Photo by Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Bethesda Softworks
Update: Hollywood Police issued an arrest warrant for Brown Thursday. Brown then turned himself into police and was released Friday on $110,000 bond. He faces one count of felony burglary with battery.

Barely a week after former NFL superstar and current accused rapist Antonio Brown published a video of himself throwing a bag of penis-shaped gummy candies while being questioned by officers with the Hollywood Police Department, the Miami-born Brown is reportedly dealing with cops yet again. News cameras are circling above his home in Hollywood Oaks after his police say his trainer, Glenn Holt, committed burglary and battery. Holt was arrested Tuesday.

Spokespeople for Hollywood PD did not immediately respond to New Times' request for more information.
News cameras also reportedly caught police photographing the stomach of an unidentified man outside Brown's home: Brown has been involved in a seemingly never-ending list of incidents in the past year. New Times last March caught him mysteriously working out alongside someone who works at a testosterone clinic run by Alex Rodriguez's former steroid dealer. (Brown claimed he didn't know the man.) A woman then accused Brown in Miami-Dade Circuit Court of raping her, and days later, a second woman told Sports Illustrated Brown had stripped virtually nude in front of her without her consent. (He denies the charges.) The New England Patriots cut him before the 2019-20 NFL season began.

Things have only gotten stranger since. Last week, Brown posted a video on Instagram in which he chucked what he called a "bag of dicks" outside his home during a domestic incident with ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss. Brown claimed Kyriss tried to steal a Bentley from his property. Hollywood PD later released reports showing Kyriss had called the cops to report nonviolent domestic incidents December 13 and 14 as well.

"Bag of dicks for the dicks," Brown said before throwing the gummies. "Chelsie, here you go, the bag of dicks."
After Brown published the video, the Hollywood Police Athletic League, which had partnered with him, said it was cutting ties with Brown and returning the money he had donated to the organization.
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