Miami Sex Survey Results

More than 2,000 of you responded, and what did we discover? Miami is having sex -- and lots of it. But that's not really surprising. Miami is a sexy city, filled with libidinous people.

In fact, Miami, you're so horny, the majority of you lost your virginity before turning 18, 91 percent of you admit you masturbate, and most have sex at least once a week. Must be all that heat.

But there's a lot more we learned about you, Miami, like you have a big-time affinity for threesomes and friends with benefits. But let's not, er, climax too soon. Read on to find out the full results.

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What Neighborhood are you located in?

North Dade 17%
West Dade 25%
Central Miami 17%
Beaches 14%
South Miami 23%
Homestead 4%

How old are you?

Under 18 .5%
18-25 32%
26-33 36%
34-41 16%
42-49 9%
50-57 4.5%
58-65 1.5%
66+ .5%


Male 66.3%
Female 33.3%
Trans 0.4%

What is your sexual orientation?

Straight 85%
Bi-sexual 8%
Gay/Lesbian 6%
Other 1%

What race are you?

White non-Hispanic 30%
Black non-Hispanic 8%
Hispanic/Latino 55%
Asian 2%
Other 5%

Do you drink?

Yes 93.4%
No 6.6%

Do you do drugs?

Yes 40.2%
No 59.8%

At what age did you lose your virginity?

Never 1%
Under 15 16.5%
15-18 56%
18-25 25%
26-33 1%
34 or older .5%

How often do you have sex?

Never 3%
Once a year 4%
Once every 2 months 8%
Once a month 8%
Once every 2 weeks 14%
One to two times a week 22%
Two to three times a week 21%
Four to six times a week 15%
Once a day 3%
Two to three times a day 2%

How often do you think about sex?

Many times throughout the day 71%
Once a day 19%
Couple times a day 9%
Once a week 1%

Do you masturbate?

Yes 91.3%
No 8.7%

What is you relationship status:

Single 36%
Monogamous relationship 55%
Open relationship 9%

How often do you use protection?

Always 40%
Sometimes 35%
Never 25%

If you practice safe sex, what is your preferred method?

Condoms 67%
The Pill 18%
Withdrawl 7%
Other 8%

Have you had sex with somone outside of your own race?

Yes 77%
No 23%

Do you actively seek out people outside your own race to have sex with?

Yes 27%
No 73%

What race do you think has the most well endowed men?

White, Non-Hispanic 10%
Black, Non-Hispanic 58%
Hispanic/Latino 22%
Asian 1%
Native American 1%
Other 8%

What race do you think is the most sexually desirable?

White, non-Hispanic 27%
Black, non-Hispanic 7.5%
Hispanic/Latino 55%
Asian 5%
Native American .5%
Other 5%

What race do you think is the most aggressive in bed?

White, non-Hispanic 12%
Black, non-Hispanic 23.5%
Hispanic/Latino 57%
Asian 2%
Native American .5%
Other 5%

What race do you think is the most passive in bed?

White, non-Hispanic 40%
Black, non-Hispanic 3%
Hispanic/Latino 7%
Asian 41%
Native American 3%
Other 6%

How many one-night-stands have you had?

One 22%
One to two 31%
Three to six 21%
Seven to ten 10%
Eleven to Fourteen 3%
Fifteen or more 13%

Do you have "friends with benefits"?

Yes 41%
No 59%

How many do you currently have?

One 53%
Two to three 41%
Four to seven 4%
Eight or more 2%

What type of porn to you prefer?

One-on-one 27%
Girl-on-girl 20%
Gay 4%
Fetish 7%
Solo 5%
Amateur 18%
Fantasy/Role playing 8%
Other 7%

How do you obtain your porn material?

Online, legally 47%
Online, illegally 32%
Adult store 6%
Other 15%

Have you ever visited a swingers club?:

Yes 16.5%
No 83.5%

Have you ever cruised for sex?

Yes 24%
No 76%

If yes, where?

Public park 18%
Public beach 20%
Adult video store 12%
Spa/Bathhouse 14%
Other 36%

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