Miami Heat Playoffs: 50 Twitter Accounts True Fans Must Follow

What's better than watching the Miami Heat battle for its third consecutive NBA title? Sharing that experience with Heat fans just as passionate about the team as you, while at the same time getting the best possible up-to-the-dribble coverage all in the same place -- that's what. All you have to do is know where to look, and luckily for you, you've looked in the right place, because I've put together a list of must-have Miami Heat Twitter follows for the postseason.

If you're not already familiar with Twitter, now would be a good time to get on that, because it has changed the way fans experience sporting events. I'm not going to try to sell you on Twitter, and I already know what you're going to ask. So first of all, yes, people will eventually want to follow you -- don't worry. And, no, I don't know what you would tweet about; you'll figure that out later, I'm sure. You'll have to just trust that this post gives you a head start on realizing why so many Heat fans make sure it's by their side come game time.

Here I have compiled a list of people to follow during Heat games. It's easy, it's free, and it's a recommended window to keep open while you're watching Heat games on your couch. For those of you who already have Twitter accounts, maybe you aren't following a few of these people, or maybe you just want to straight-up use that list during Heat games. The best part about Twitter is it's sort of like a buffet -- pick and choose what looks good and decide later if it's something you want to continue consuming.

Here is a sampling of the best #HeatTwitter has to offer. Below are 50 accounts you should make sure you follow by tonight if you already aren't.

Also, and you knew this was coming, follow me @Rizzmigizz. Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and do not reflect the thoughts or values of Miami New Times, Mr. New Times, or for that matter, the city of Miami as a whole.

Ethan "Juice" Skolnick, Bleacher Report

Jonathan Zaslow, 790 AM and 104.3FM the Ticket

Ira Winderman, Sun-Sentinel

Joy Taylor, 790 AM and 104.3 FM the Ticket

Joseph Goodman Jr., Miami Herald

Jason Lieser, Palm Beach Post

Zach Harper, CBS Sports

Mike Ryan, 790 AM and 104.3 FM the Ticket

Jason Jackson, Sun Sports Heat

Chris Joseph, New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Coouper Moorehead, ESPN.com

Will Manso, Channel 10 and Sun Sports

Mike Inglis, Miami Heat Radio Broadcast

The Le Batard Show, ESPN Radio

Kristen Hewitt, Sun Sports Heat

Matt Moore, CBS Sports

Brendan Tobin, 790 AM and 104.3 the Ticket

Danny Martinez, Heat.com

Tom Haberstroh, ESPN.com

Tim Reynolds, Associated Press

Mike Wallace, ESPN.com

Jorge Sedano, ESPN Radio






























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