It's probably going to be a wet Labor Day weekend.
It's probably going to be a wet Labor Day weekend.
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Oh, Cool, Miami Will Probably Get Tropical Rain Labor Day Weekend

Things are rough in Florida right now. Most residents don't have $1,000 in the bank. The Republican nominee for governor keeps "accidentally" saying racist stuff and hanging out with racist people and getting support from other racist people.

Were you, perhaps, looking forward to a fun Labor Day weekend spent sunning yourself on the beach, drinking to excess, and blacking out in a warm haze as you temporarily forget the world's problems? Think again. Tropical weather is coming. Per the National Weather Service, there's a 10 percent chance the front churning in the Caribbean morphs into a full-fledged tropical system. And even if it doesn't, we're probably gonna get a whole bunch of rain.

Seriously, check out how the storm is slated to roll right over Miami:

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Oh, Cool, Miami Will Probably Get Tropical Rain Labor Day Weekend
National Hurricane Center

Of course, there's no real need to haul out your hurricane shutters. There's still a 90 percent chance this wave never organizes into anything more than a nasty, wet set of storms.

Miami has been enjoying a particularly tame hurricane season so far. After the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its regular warning that 2018 might be a rough hurricane year like 2017, Florida has not been hit by any named storms. Meteorologists have since downgraded predictions for this year.

That's nice, because at this time last year, Floridians were nervously watching weather satellites as Hurricane Irma rapidly formed over the Atlantic Ocean. And some South Floridians are still recovering from the storm. A recent study shows that new foreclosure cases in Miami have spiked in part due to costs from hurricane-related damage. And as of last month, Dinner Key Marina was still a trash-strewn disaster.

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