Marlins' Logan Morrison Officially Grossed Out By Public Breastfeeding

Also read: "Logan Morrison is the Marlins' tweeter-in-chief."

On Thursday afternoon, Miami Marlins outfielder and social-media savant Logan Morrison saw something at a local Nordstrom's that shocked him to his core. No, not a two-for-one sale on Calvin Klein underwear. He chanced upon a mother breastfeeding her child in public. And for some reason, this nourishing practice as old as time itself led LoMo to go to his favorite outlet, Twitter, to share his confusion and disgust with the world.

He even included a blurry cellphone photo he took of the mother and child, in case you wanted to be as aghast as he was.

As expected, Morrison's tweet drew some reaction from his 118,000 followers, mostly along the lines of, "You actually took a photo of a woman breastfeeding?" In particular, Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated took Morrison to task for being a lout.

LoMo's response was dignified and constructive. Wait, no, it was neither of those things.

Morrison and Jaffe engaged in a less-than-inspiring back-and-forth before Morrison eventually tried to clear up his breastfeeding stance.

In the end, Morrison decided that all the breastfeeding brouhaha wasn't worth it and deleted the original tweet and his followups. (Though interestingly, he left up his spat with Jaffe.)

We reached out to LoMo (via Twitter, naturally) to ask why he'd scrubbed the tweets and if he'd gotten any backlash, but we have yet to hear a response. We'll update you if he does get back to us.

Morrison's gotten in trouble with the Marlins before for his Twitter-happy ways, but so far, there's been no word from any Miami front-office executive about his latest foot-in-digital-mouth moment. Presumably, Jeffrey Loria and David Samson are too busy stripping Marlins Park for spare parts to sell to the Russians or trading everyone who has a pulse to comment on Morrison saying something outlandish.

Assuming Morrison escapes Loria's trade-deadline scythe, he and the rest of the Marlins will take on San Diego this weekend at home. If LoMo does get traded, he'll just have to hope that he gets sent somewhere a little more prudish than Miami. Maybe 19th-century England would be a good start.

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