Is Rick Sanchez Being Courted By Mega TV?

From the unsubstantiated-hearsay-but-come-on-obviously-it's-true category comes news of what could potentially be the best marriage since Michael Jackson and Elvis' daughter: Publicly shamed, fired, and exiled unhinged news anchor Rick Sanchez, meet anything-goes Spanish-language channel Mega TV.

We know we gave Rick the dubious award of "Best Departure" when he left Miami for CNN in 2001 (not to mention this year's "Best Local Boy Gone Bad"), but boy are we pleased with the potential for glorious buffoonery here.

Before calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" and kinda intimating that Jews control the media, the Hialeah-raised Sanchez was an anchor for WSVN-7. Locals still recite stories of his various gaffes and idiotic fits-- most memorably, squatting over floor maps during Gulf War segments-- like fishermen recalling the times giant catfish almost bit their fingers off.

Mega TV, meanwhile, is home to bisexual novelist/ Peruvian presidential candidate Jaime Bayly's talk show, as well as a slew of telenovelas about buff dudes named Ramon who ride horses shirtless.

So how do we know with a 78-percent certainty that Rick Sanchez is headed to Mega TV? An inside tipster tells us that last week, she spotted him touring the Doral studio and being introduced to everyone.

And when a rumor hits Twitter, you know it's true. Local reporter Lesley Abravanel tweeted last week:

"Reports of a chupacabra sighting @ Mega TV greatly exaggerated. Truth's scarier: Was Rick Sanchez, receiving hero's welcome & reported job"

We know that Rick, who broadcasts his every unemployed movement on his own Twitter account, was in town at the time of his purported meeting with Mega TV. On Wednesday, he wrote:

Dun dun dun. We e-mailed Jose Perez, vice president of Mega TV programming, for comment, and haven't heard back. And we called Sanchez's cell and emailed him, with no response so far. Even with all the shit we've talked about this guy over the years, he can never resist replying to an email.

So we can only surmise that his deal with Mega TV will be announced shortly.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts