Here's All the Heinous Stuff Florida College Bros Did This Month, Including Joking About Rape and Murder
Florida International University / Tau Kappa Epsilon Group Chat

Here's All the Heinous Stuff Florida College Bros Did This Month, Including Joking About Rape and Murder

College bros are terrible. Florida college bros are particularly terrible. And particularly terrible Florida bros have committed a really heinous list of offenses in the last 30 days — from getting caught joking about rape to sharing memes making fun of the victims of the Charlottesville Nazi attack to saying the KKK had some good ideas to possibly killing a Pompano Beach fraternity pledge.

As sex-assault allegations continue to rock Hollywood, reminding men once again that they are terrible (women certainly haven't forgotten), here's a special shout-out to Florida college frat-bros, the OG, first-ballot hall-of-famers when it comes to being truly terrible trash people. Here's why:

1. On October 25, leaked chats obtained by New Times showed FIU's Tau Kappa Epsilon frat sharing nude pictures of women and joking about rape:

If the Harvey Weinstein case has taught America anything about sexual assault and rape culture, it’s that the Hollywood stories are only the tip of the iceberg. Consider the latest uproar at Florida International University, where someone leaked a fraternity's group chat full of nude photos of female students, derisive messages about a deceased FIU sorority member, and jokes about anti-Semitism and rape.

The school has launched a full investigation into the fraternity, Tau Kappa Epislon, after the thread was sent in late September to university administrators and the school’s Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils.

“FIU is aware of the images described in the story and has no tolerance for this type of behavior," says Maydel Santana, a spokeswoman for the school. "We are unable to comment further pending the conclusion of an investigation.”

The thread, which was compiled over the course of a year, was sent by dozens of members of the fraternity at FIU, which has 15 frats and seven sororities on campus. Screenshots shared with New Times show at least 41 frat members (the group has 108) joking about sexual assault and hazing while sharing at least eight explicit photos of female students.

In one series of chats, which were first reported on by FIU journalism student Helen Barreto, the frat members make light of statutory rape and brag about sleeping with underage girls. One member wrote, "[I] wanna feel like a ped," and others call sorority members "sluts."

In another series of chats, the members make anti-Semitic jokes and then make light of sexual assault, writing "it's not rape if she enjoys it."

Here's All the Heinous Stuff Florida College Bros Did This Month, Including Joking About Rape and MurderEXPAND
Tau Kappa Epsilon Group Chat

(Bonus: A different FIU frat chapter was suspended in 2013 for the same thing.)

2. Not to be outdone, FIU's College Republicans were caught sharing memes supporting the Nazis at Charlottesville, Virginia, joking about deporting their classmates, and casually saying the Ku Klux Klan had some good ideas:

Thursday morning, dozens of Florida International University students walked out of class in protest. They urged the government to protect young immigrants who might be kicked out of the United States by the Trump administration. While they were demonstrating, their classmates in the FIU College Republicans were cracking jokes about trying to get the students deported. The exchange happened in a private group chat provided to New Times.

"Call ICE," one of the young Republicans urged. "So they get ICE'd."

"I was about to [call ICE]," another student wrote. "But I don't have their names."

The screenshots included also mention of buying semiautomatic weapons, grenades, and bump stocks and humorously refer to Charlottesville, where one protestor was killed by a white supremacist. The screencaps, which were shared by a participant in the chats who wishes to remain anonymous, are the latest headache for a campus already reeling from a leaked group chat from the campus' Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, which shows the frat members joking about rape and hazing. Those chats have led to the frat's suspension and an investigation.

"The discourse being exchanged in the FIU College is unacceptable," the anonymous tipster says in describing the motivation for sharing screenshots of the chat. "The dehumanization of our fellow students is repulsive."

Here's All the Heinous Stuff Florida College Bros Did This Month, Including Joking About Rape and Murder

3. A South Florida frat pledge at Florida State University also died this month in what appears to have been an alcohol-related death:

Details are still emerging about Coffey's death. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the FSU civil-engineering student was found "unresponsive" in an off-campus home just before 10:30 a.m. Friday. Police believe alcohol likely played a role in his death. The fraternity has been punished for hazing and alcohol violations multiple times in the past five years, and neighbors reported seeing a raucous party occurring at the home the previous night.

Police have reportedly interviewed more than 50 people already.

4. And, in response, FSU took the extraordinary step of banning all Greek life at the school:

Now, FSU President John Thrasher has taken an extraordinary step: banning all fraternities and sororities from campus. According to a news release Thrasher and the school sent out today, the school's massive Greek apparatus has been suspended "indefinitely" from FSU.

Thrasher mentions that Greek organizations might one day return to the school. But the university maintains that frats would need to undergo massive institutional change to be allowed back into university life, and the school will face pressure from women who've been raped and assaulted at frat parties (and the parents of frat brothers who've died of alcohol poisoning) to kill the organizations for good.

“For this suspension to end, there will need to be a new normal for Greek life at the university,” Thrasher said today. “There must be a new culture, and our students must be full participants in creating it.”

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