Five New Miami Music Releases to Get You Through Quarantine

Palomino Blond
Palomino Blond
Photo by Stephanie Estrada
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As you continue isolating at home during the COVID-19 crisis, chronic boredom is kicking in hard. By now, you've probably completed three jigsaw puzzles, deep-cleaned the house, redecorated every room, and considered rewatching Tiger King. To offset the fatigue, you could peruse a book from a quarantine reading list, watch free streaming movies and shows, or find a multitude of other diversions. But if you're looking for sonic salvation, know that local acts haven't stopped releasing music.

From house to psych, these new homegrown releases will make your isolation just a little easier.

Photo by Adrian Salas

Jaialai, Culebra

Trekking through the desert seems like a pipe dream these days, but if you sit on your front porch, close your eyes tightly, and hit play on Jaialai's latest EP, Culebra, you would swear you were there. “I kind of romanticized the desert when I was sketching some of these songs," singer/guitarist Oscar Sardiñas tells New Times about touring south of the border. "When we went to Mexico and rode through it, it kinda brought what was missing out. The reality of this completely different environment and actually being there, something in our minds was brought to life." This five-track dose of silky-smooth psychedelia will have you dreaming of better days to come. Standout track: "Culebra."

Las Nubes
Photo by Gabriel Duque

Las Nubes and Palomino Blond, Las Nubes/Palomino Blond Split EP

For those weird days when you're blankly staring at your living room plants and questioning if this is all real, play Las Nubes/Palomino Blond Split EP. The four-track record, released this past March 13 on Bufu Records, offers two solid tracks from each band and is the best quarantine gift Miamians could've asked for. The release, recorded by Torche's Jonathan Nuñez, has deservedly garnered attention from NPR's Alt.Latino playlist that includes Las Nubes' Spanish track "Tararear." Although the limited-edition colored vinyl of the 12-inch has already sold out online, you can still purchase the standard black vinyl on Palomino Blond's or Las Nubes' Bandcamp page. Standout tracks: Palomino Blond's "Damage" and Las Nubes' "Tararear."

Mustard Service
Mustard Service
Photo by Olivia Herrera

Mustard Service, C'est la Vie

Publix might be out of butter for your pancakes, but Mustard Service's latest album, C'est la Vie, is the only melting goodness you need to get through the isolation. If these Miami crooners have somehow slipped beneath your radar, you have nothing but time to get acquainted. The five-piece, which supported Hinds on the Madrid band's 2018 U.S. tour, wrote and recorded C'est la Vie in three years and released it this past March 23. And if you needed more of a reason to listen, the brilliantly designed album cover and groovy track "Mary's" pay tribute to Miami's beloved 24-hour late-night grub spot, Mary's Coin Laundry. Standout track: "Mary's."

Oscar G
Oscar G
Photo by Christopher Almeida

Oscar G, Decade of Beats

The cancellation of this year's highly anticipated Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week has left Miami's dance music lovers reeling over the fact that they can no longer get down with famous DJs, producers, and electronic musicians IRL. Guess that means there's only one thing left to do: bring the dance party to your balcony. Miami house legend Oscar G has done it again with his latest album, Decade of Beats, released March 13 on Nervous Records. If you aren’t sweating 40 stories high while gripping a bottle of hand sanitizer and shouting, "Fuck the VIP!" you're quarantining wrong. Standout track: "Fuck the VIP."

Photo by Karli Evans

Virgo, "Helix"

Just when the light at the end of the tunnel seemed like it would never come, Virgo quietly released her single "Helix" on her Bandcamp page. The new fast techno track off of the upcoming X002, which is set for release April 20, is an aggressive yet exciting departure from her previous work. "Helix" packs five minutes 47 seconds of relentless insanity, including an infinite looping bass line that'll make you break a sweat during those living room workouts. If you're missing Miami's epic raves, let Virgo show you the way.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.