Five Miami Hip-Hop Artists You Should Know About

Does Miami get enough credit as a hip-hop city? Probably not. Sure, rappers are always giving shoutouts to our strippers and neon nightclubs, but where's the appreciation of our talent? 

We've given the world Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and Trina, but people still like to overlook South Florida when it comes to rap history. Whatever. That's fine. Because there's a new class of Miami rappers that is hoping to change that.

Here are five Miami hip-hop artists you really should know about.

Pouya doesn’t deliver your typical “white boy rap." As one of the youngest dudes at the top of the Miami trap scene, his sound is something you haven’t heard before. Although his latest full project is over 3 months old, he’s still serving up numbers. If the only way out of the Miami rap scene is to start touring, Pouya is on his way with plans to hit at least nine cities this summer.

Yung Simmie
Yung Simmie is for the stoners. This Miami rapper has a proven track record of music that is good for... you know. Some compare him to a young Wiz Khalifa, and I agree. But Simmie is capable of turning up too. "Don’t Let Me Sober Up" proves to be a solid party record, giving listeners a few good reasons to order another round. The only way to keep going all night is to never sober up, according to Yung Simmie.

Sylvan "QuESt" LaCue
If you haven’t heard of QuESt, I just may look at you sideways. He’s been taking Miami by storm since 2009. And — in case you didn't know — it's 2015 now, and he’s still going strong. A recent nominee for XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class, QuESt is quite lyrical, but he does give us a little bit of a love story in his hit "Biscayne Blvd." The song tells the tale of him juggling his fast-paced music career and girlfriend. His solution? Meeting up at the Starbucks off NE 69th Street and Biscayne. Who said rappers don’t have a soft side? Someone get this man a well-deserved frappuccino. 

Holy Osa
If you're a gamer, you might have just found the perfect soundtrack for beating your little brother's ass in NBA 2K. Holy Osa takes your favorite fighting videogame sounds to the next level. The Miami native puts a spin on trap with a lyrical side and amazing production. You hear your favorite videogame sounds throughout his nine-track project 211 Tears. And if you’re upset that videogames aren’t the same anymore, listen to this. Osa's throwback samples provide a satisfying dose of nostalgia. 

Kirby Maurier
Kirby Maurier has been quiet for a while, but that only means she has something big coming up. Her latest hit, "Iz U Wit It," quickly became the typical Miami girl’s turn-up anthem. With a mix of R&B and hip-hop, Kirby always gives us something to move to. Expect her newest album, Doing the Most, to drop this year.

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