Miami's Undiscovered Art Scene Found Right Under Your Feet (Photos)

Miami boasts a vibrant art scene with Art Basel and the Wynwood Art District. But most locals know the true art lies just beneath our shoes. With the recent completion of the Biscayne Boulevard resurfacing project, our sidewalks have come alive with dog walkers, health enthusiasts, cyclists, hobos, and people trying to avoid eye contact with hobos.

While taking a stroll one will witness the beauty of sidewalk art, slated to surely become Miami's next underground (but actually above-ground) art craze. Here are five of our favorites:

5. Egg TV

This iconic symbol has been spotted in both Austin, Texas and New York

City and clearly is an underground communication with the Easter Bunny.

4. Smallfoot lives!

Footprint made

from a ghost artist from Miami's past or quite possibly an accident

from that two-year "rush" job on re-paving Biscayne Boulevard.

3. Breastsss

Boobies. "I

love Boobies! Dis Dude knows what F-ck I'm talkin' bout!" says passing hobo

who apparently used to be a brilliant art critic and has a lazy eye. So

it is quite possible he thinks I am a man with great boobs.

2. Slutty



such markings are almost like they carved them in with their soul.

1. V for Victory


nice stencil with a great rack. (Cropped out of the photo is the

surrounding area of "bird poo" or a mystery form of white paint). Indeed a victory for the sidewalk art scene in Miami!

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