Janet Mueller's Wynwood Mural Launches Inside-Out Happy Hour at R House

Wynwood's murals are its prize characteristics, like so many colorful, eclectic medals in a gritty trophy case. And Janet Mueller's bold, bright piece on the exterior of R House is a new addition to the lineup.

The mural, as well as other art by Mueller and German painter Dietmar Brixy, will be on display this Thursday at a new happy hour event dubbed Inside-Out. Think free cocktails, appetizers, tunes and plenty of art to ogle.

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The concept is such: feature artist's masterpieces inside R-House (curated by the White Porch Gallery), as well as outside on an exterior wall. Works will rotate and evolve. Currently, the location is featuring works by Mueller, a sculptor and painter; and Brixy.

The outside mural is Mueller's work. Dubbed "R Space in Time," it's done in aqua, chartreuse and copper. Mueller's known for using crudely mixed paint to create bold, simple statement pieces.

"If you're a customer, you're sort of sitting there in time in that space enjoying being in R

Space. Space and time, sky and water -- it's just about things that aren't really tangible," she says of her creation.

"The aquas and blues of the mural reflect the vastness of the sea and sky ... space. The copper represents the earth."

The work is about 90 feet long and 15 feet high, Mueller says.

"I used an eight-inch brush -- the whole thing is brushed. I started with a roller and it just wasn't working out."

She mixed the paint roughly -- a little blue there, a little yellow here, etc. -- so it would mix on the wall, Mueller says. She also uses water as a tool to create different effects.

"I'll put the blue color next to the copper color and squirt it with a hose so that the blue runs into the copper. It's about working with wet on wet and using a garden hose to create an effect.

Inside, Mueller's paintings and sculptures are on display, along with work by fellow artist Dietmar Brixy (a German painter).

In addition to checking out the extraordinary art, attendees at Thursday's event will get to down free drinks, nibble appetizers, and hear tunes by DJ Max Cassinelli. The gallery owner anticipates hosting similar events every six to eight weeks or so.

The event kicks off on Thursday, June 12, from 5 to 8 p.m. at 2727 NW Second Ave. and it's open to the public.

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