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Five Reasons Miami Rocks in January

Miami is a great place to be in January.
Miami is a great place to be in January. Photo by Aurimas / Flickr
January doesn't get enough credit in the Magic City. The month between New Year's and Valentine's Day usually catches a lot of flak for being long, uninteresting, and devoid of things to do. It's also smack in the middle of tourist season, meaning the city becomes flooded with out-of-towners clogging traffic and extending the wait at your favorite spots. But there's plenty to love about the first month of the year, especially in Miami.

Here are five reasons there's nowhere else we'd rather be at the beginning of the new year:
click to enlarge Hit the beach before it gets too hot. - PHOTO BY JESSICA GIBBS
Hit the beach before it gets too hot.
Photo by Jessica Gibbs

Wonderful Weather

For most tourists, wintering in Florida means escaping the bitter cold and driving snow that makes living up North a frozen hell. For Miamians, however, it means stepping outside and not immediately becoming drenched in sweat for a change. The weather is nice in January — so nice you should take advantage of it by spending as much time outside as possible. Go to the beach; go snorkeling; take a nature walk. The world is yours, Tony Montana.
click to enlarge New Order's residency proves Miami's nightlife doesn't stop the first month of the year. - PHOTO BY WARREN JACKSON
New Order's residency proves Miami's nightlife doesn't stop the first month of the year.
Photo by Warren Jackson


Miamians usually have to wait until the festival season for the concert calendar to pick up, but for whatever reason, January still see plenty of great acts. This month, New Order is set to play a four-night residency at the Fillmore Miami Beach from January 14 through 18, Celine Dion is slated to perform at the American Airlines Arena January 18 and 19, and Billy Joel will hit Hard Rock Live this Friday, January 10. If you're looking for more intimate shows, Georgia-born garage rockers the Black Lips will play the Ground January 24, and Brooklyn-based indie band Beach Fossils, along with Surf Curse and Negative Gemini, will rock Gramps January 25.
click to enlarge Yayoi Kusama's mirror room is on display in the Design District through January. - PHOTO BY MICHAEL CAMPINA
Yayoi Kusama's mirror room is on display in the Design District through January.
Photo by Michael Campina

The Art Scene

Whether you were getting loaded on champagne at every fair in Miami Beach or trying to sneak into events like the Gucci x Snapchat party with Iggy Pop or the Dior fashion show, maybe art wasn't the first thing on your mind during Miami Art Week. Maybe between all of that mindless hedonism and the ensuing holidays, you haven't had time to see this season's marquee museum exhibitions. Well, now you can. Sterling Ruby at the ICA, Teresita Fernandez at PAMM, the whole Rubell Museum, and others are just waiting for you. Plus, the lines for Yayoi Kusama's mirror room in the Design District are probably much shorter now.
click to enlarge Churchill's Pub - ALEXANDER OLIVA
Churchill's Pub
Alexander Oliva

The Local Scene

There's never a better time to check out the best of Miami's local music scene, especially if none of the bigger shows from touring acts strike your fancy. Duck into a bar or club and you might hear rock from Las Nubes and Haute Tension at Churchill's Pub, killer dance music from Patrick Walsh at ATV Records, or any number of experimental outfits and DJ nights. Best of all, these shows tend to be cheap or free, meaning if you're still in debt from holiday shopping, you won't have to worry about choosing between entertainment and rent. 
click to enlarge Time to get in shape. - PHOTO BY ELVERT BARNES / FLICKR
Time to get in shape.

Fitness Options

Maybe you weren't particularly thrilled with how 2019 went. But it's a new year, and a new decade at that, and there's no time like the present. Take that yoga class, or sign up for that gym membership. Be more outgoing (or less, if you're going for a dry January). If there's something you've always wanted to do but never felt up to it, now is the time.
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Douglas Markowitz is a former music and arts editorial intern for Miami New Times. Born and raised in South Florida, he studied at Sophia University in Tokyo before earning a bachelor's in communications from University of North Florida. He writes freelance about music, art, film, and other subjects.