Orange Bowl Adios

The crazy weirdness of the OB is what we’ll really miss

A few minutes later, Hurricanes freshman Shawnbrey McNeal gallops 39 yards into the end zone to give his team a first-quarter lead. The Orange Bowl rattles as the 60,000-plus fans holler.

In Section 1A, Row 17, Jim Hume thrusts up two clenched fists as he grins proudly. He is dressed in a green Hurricanes basketball jersey, a white polo shirt with the ibis logo, and a white UM cap with his last name stitched on the back.

"I just love UM football," the Tamarac resident says. "I've been coming to the games with my son for the past 20 years. I used to buy the fan pack and we'd sit in the west end zone."

Richard Molinary, a.k.a. the Miami Fanatic, motivates the crowd
Jacek Gancarz
Richard Molinary, a.k.a. the Miami Fanatic, motivates the crowd

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Orange Bowl

1501 NW Third St.
Miami, FL 33125

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Region: Little Havana

Hume's 30-year-old son Brian is arguably the Orange Bowl's most die-hard fan. Last year he had an image of the Orange Bowl tattooed on his chest. Before that, he'd had a picture of Sebastian and the word C-A-N-E-S inked onto his stomach. "I'm happy just going to the OB," Brian says. "It's been like a second home."

On Thursday, October 18, five days after Georgia Tech pasted the Canes 17 to 14, Brian made one last touchup to his orange-and-green body mural. In bold black it reads, "1937-2007."

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