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Zak the Baker's Bread For Sale at Whole Foods Downtown

Whole Foods Market in downtown Miami is open for business, and Zak The Baker's infamous bread is for sale at $6 per loaf. That's exactly what you'd pay at the flagship Wynwood café and bakery.

The downtown location is the first Whole Foods to sell the sourdough loaves, but owner Zak Stern says he's hoping to launch at the brand's four other Miami area stores by February 1. While his kosher parve products can be purchased at specialty grocery stores and boutiques around the city, this is by far his company's largest retail account. Stern told us so long as he can grow with integrity, he'd be willing to sell to Whole Foods' and other sizeable retailers throughout Florida, and possibly even outside the state.

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Each day, Stern's fresh bread is delivered to Whole Foods to ensure quality. When we visited the busy and beautiful new space yesterday, we saw three varieties of Zak the Baker bread on sale: multigrain, Jewish rye, and country wheat. (There are usually six kinds available at Zak's cafe space.) Whole Foods will slice the loaves upon request.

Stern told us the health food chain has been really supportive of his work and adamant about partnering with local artisans. Indeed, Jugofresh has a store-within-a-store at this location and Versailles, the iconic Calle Ocho restaurant, will supply the market with healthful variations of its classic Cuban cuisine. Shoppers can also take home Brazilian-style churrasco barbecue and sides from La Churrascaria; a "monsieur cubano" sandwich that features roast pork and cotto ham on French brioche; fresh sushi, Hawaiian poke, and Peruvian ceviche rice bowls from Sushi Maki; watermelon fresco from Juicera; coconut-lime U RAWk Raw Energy Bars; Happy Sour scented candles from the South Beach Candle Company; and more.

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