The Ten Best Movie and Television Cannibals (Video)

Humans, it seems, will eat just about anything. We eat cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, and fish all the time and think nothing of it. In other countries people eat insects, lizards, snakes, rodents and even our family pet, the dog.

Since Travel Channel launched No Reservations and Bizarre Foods, the practice of eating snakes, bats, squirrels, iguanas, eels, scorpions and just about anything else that can crawl, swim, slither, or run has come into our living rooms, if not our kitchens....yet. And still, one taboo remains. There's one creature on this planet that we've yet to embrace as food....people!

Though most of us would have to be trapped in the Andes to consider eating people, it happens all the time...in the movies. From campy zombie movies to classic musicals, we present our ten favorite cannibals.

10. Eating Raoul: In this black comedy, a couple resort to killing swingers for seed money to open the restaurant of their dreams.

9. Return of the Living Dead: Poor Tina. Her boyfriend turns into a zombie and wants to eat her brains. And you thought the guy who stayed on your couch and borrowed money for beer was a bad catch...

8. Dahmer: In this biopic scene, Jeffrey picks up a new victim, but before he could really go to town, he remembers he's late for his shift at the chocolate factory.

7. Sweeney Todd: Since there's no better way to a man's heart than through his stomach, Mrs. Lovett serves some truly heavenly meat pies - made from priest.


Night of the Living Dead:

Some may argue that zombies aren't people so they're not really cannibals. That's just wrong logic - they do everything we do - only slower. In this classic scene, little Sally gets back at mommy for not getting her that Barbie doll for her birthday.

5. A Boy and His Dog: After a nuclear holocaust kills most people, taints the food supply and causes dogs to talk, a pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson has to decide between man's best friend and the bitch that comes between them.

4. Soylent Green: In another version of the future, man's f**ked up the planet so bad the crops won't grow. How to feed the ever-growing population? Soylent Green. We guess all those truth in labeling laws had to be reworked, too.

3. To Serve Man (Twilight Zone): Maybe not a movie, but one of the best all-time scenes. What lesson do we learn? E.T. really would have preferred something a little meatier than those stupid Reeses Pieces.

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Crazy hillbillies, chili competitions, and Leatherface. It's all in the meat.

1. Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal Lecter is the classiest cannibal in the world. Because if you're going to eat human flesh, you need a good side dish and the right wine to pair it with.

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