The Five Craziest Desserts at Dessert Wars 2016

Imagine Velvet Creme DoughnutsJake and the CakeMr. Bing, Donut Divas, and more than 15 other sweets boutiques in one spot. No, it's not a special edition of Candy Land. It's Dessert Wars. The second-annual eats and sweets event is back, transforming the BankUnited Center into the closest thing to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory that Miamians will ever experience.

This Sunday, February 21, from 1 to 3 p.m., more than 20 local shops will converge on the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables for a sugar rush of an afternoon.         

For three hours, nibble your way through each station, one dessert at a time. Expect cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, doughnuts, and other sugary creations. Attendees are given an abundance of tickets, which are traded for dessert samplings. Each eater also gets a ballot to rank every vendor on a scale from one to three. The vendor with the highest score will win the war.

Though we don't know who will win, these five shops have already won the battle. From red velvet fried Oreos to a pie called "Rico Sauve," snag samples and then some during the confectionery binge. Every guest is given a to-go box, so you might as well fill it to the brim.

5. Rico Suave, from Nummies Bakeshop
Nummies Bakeshop, a delivery-only, small-batch bakery, created a pie dubbed the Rico Suave. It's made with a ground Cuban cracker crust, filled with a cream cheese-like paste, and topped with homemade guava jam. The name, which means good-looking and macho in Spanish, aptly describes this special pie, because each bite bursts with rich flavor and a pleasing texture. The pie is nine inches wide and can easily feed eight to 12 people, which means grabbing a slice of this dessert shouldn't be a problem.  

4. Dark Chocolate “Engagement” Cake from A Little R & R Bakery 
A Little R & R Bakery says love happens at first bite. Now bite into the bakery's dark-chocolate "engagement" cake. Yes, that's love right there. The double-decker cake oozes chocolate ganache and is topped with a rich, chocolate-based icing. Though you can't see it, it has a vanilla butter cream center. As if it needed more chocolate, large chips are sprinkled throughout both layers, and powdered sugar is sprinkled along the bottom for a sweet finish. Whether it was love at first sight or at first bite, any true chocolate aficionado knows this is what infatuation looks like.

3. Ice Cream With a Fork at Mr. Bing
This Miami-based ice-cream shop says forget spoons — use a fork instead. The new dessert concept dubbed "Ice Cream With a Fork," which originated on the island of Taiwan, was recently introduced to the States, with Mr. Bing Miami's first outpost. The treat is a blend of traditional ice-cream flavors with a shaved-ice texture. Making it is simple: cylindrical blocks of dairy are frozen and then shaved down. Toppings and drizzles can be added. Flavors include peanut butter, sweet milk, chocolate, and green tea, with toppings like chocolate chips, crushed Oreos, and cereal. 

2. Cake Shakes at Cupcake Galleria
The Cupcake Galleria is known for its cupcakes and shakes. Can't decide? Have both. The bake shop fused the two into a "cake shake," where a traditional shake serves as its base, with cupcakes, cookies, and toppings placed at the top. The shake base is made by mixing a whole cupcake with ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Once it's boiled down to an icy-like cream, it's poured into a fancy cup and topped with another cupcake and a few other treats too.

1. Red Velvet Fried Oreos at Donut Divas
Donut Divas was runnerup at last year's Dessert Wars. This year, it's back with the same treat: red velvet fried Oreos. The crisp bite blends the texture of a doughnut with the taste of a cake and the crunch of a cookie. The Oreo is submerged in red velvet doughnut batter, fried until golden brown, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Take your pick of chocolate or caramel sauce drizzled on top. Grab a few of these bite-size treats as you roam the event and save a few for postwar munchies too.

Tickets to Dessert Wars cost $15 and can be purchased at dessertwarsmiami.com (use promo code DESSERT). For more information, call 305-284-6743.

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