Sweet Times Cupcakes and Coffee Turns One: Get a Tat, Score Free Cupcakes for Life

How much do you love Sweet Times Cupcakes and Coffee? Enough to make a lifetime commitment to them? As in getting a tattoo?

That's the question on the table counter this week, as Sweet Times Cupcakes celebrates their one-year anniversary with an offer a true cupcake fanatic can't refuse:

Get a tattoo of the company's logo and you'll receive one free dozen cupcakes each week -- forever! Of course, there are rules. The tattoo must be one-inch or larger and it must be permanent -- so no getting out the Sharpies in an attempt to score free goodies. Forever means forever, dig? Also, the offer is only good for the first three super-fans who get the tattoo.

Sweet Times' Michael Moed tells Short Order that, although no one's come in with a tattoo so far, it looks like there's at least one potential taker on the offer so it might be wise to call the shop before getting inked.

We asked Moed, how long is forever, anyway? After all, getting a permanent Sweet Times logo on your shoulder is sort of like marriage. He said that the people who get "inked" will absolutely get a free dozen cupcakes "for as long as we're in business. And since we plan on being in business forever, that means a lifetime."

He even added that if said cupcake lovers moved away to say, Alaska, he would work something out. "We'd figure out a transfer or something."

And, since Sweet Times Cupcakes is set to get into the franchise business, there might just be many more shops to get your lifetime's supply of cupcakes from. Moed confirms that the shop is finishing up paperwork but franchise opportunities should be available in about two weeks.

If you love cupcakes but aren't ready to make a full commitment with a tattoo, there's still reason to celebrate. From now until Tuesday, May 6, the shop is celebrating with in-store parties featuring balloons, live music, and daily giveaways, culminating in a huge raffle on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Customers can enter for a chance to win one of 20 prizes that include a flat screen TV, Kindle Fire, gift certificates, and (of course) free cupcakes.

The shop, now open on Sundays, is also introducing three new flavors: Key lime pie; guava; and milk chocolate-covered strawberry. All cupcakes are $1.75. Go and try some out. Who knows? You might just love them enough to get a permanent reminder on your hip.

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